My leaving party

February 29th, 2008

Today im going to have my leaving party.

Final thoughts of Pudsey

February 4th, 2008

Debs went solo .. and you could hear the screams of delight 🙂 she completed some curcuits with Bradlley 1st – good landings (but of cours say debb) and then he called a full stop and they taxied in and he got out … then she was off on her own – evan without me to look after her :-(. but she didn’t need me as she flew a really good circuit 🙂 well done Debs i’ve tought you well!!!! Oops – now i’ve copped “The look” of bradlly 🙂

More Pics of Me!!

January 5th, 2008

We had to go into Earls Colne (yes again!!!) today to do some photos for pilot magazine for ian davies. Eric Hedges and 1 of his studants had beed interviewed for a report on night flying and deb was going try and get some photos. she got some nice ones of Eric in the robin and then when she tryed to take the ones of a walk round, and it started to rain – typical! 🙁 We then went for a night flight in G-CCCN around the Earls Colne circuit to try and get some in flight photos – but it proved to be very difficult in the dark :-(. We took the red barron wth us for the experiance of flying in a robin 3000. Then it was time for a night flight of our own back to Elmsett and Deb tried again to get some pic’s of the approach :-). she’d do anything to get her name in print!! I did tell her that if she got me to pose in them it would have improved them!! Oh she’s got the look again – Dale would be so proud of her!! 🙂

The pink Computer

January 4th, 2008

Poor Ben – Back to school today while mattie doesnt go back untill monday – ohh that caused problems as you can imagine!! Debs had a ful working day today and i just had a day full of memories of flying and woundering if i’ll get to fly again?? i spent the day playing on the exam questions PC .. Ooh there are some hard questions on here – i think i need to study the books some more! i never relised that there was so much to do to get your PPL (private pilots licence) … Debs has still got so much to learn!!!!!!! I’m really glad that I didn’t have to go through an all that – but could just hitch a ride whenever i wanted 🙂 spent some time looking through the flightstore catologe – hee hee could deb “pink landing pattern” that she wants but wished would not be her! think that she better get used to the fact shes never going to get one!! she dosnt need one anyway – shes got a D.I to use – it works just as well 🙂

Don’t forget me :(

January 3rd, 2008

Deb’s had a flying lesson today…she committed a terrible crime…she left me behind – this is how it’s going to be now? i gave her rocks when she got down on the ground, & she felt so bad that she forgot….Never mind Deb’s – i forgive you, cos you remebered all the other times…I can’t believe Deb’s & Bradley flew today, as the weather was awful!!! Bradley said that the gliders said that the cloud base was at 1000ft, which is ok to do circuits, so off they went….at 400ft, it was now for Bradley to utter “i have control”, to get them back to ground after 1 circuit….teach you not to take me 🙂 plus snow was forecast today, but East Anglia never got it. Anyway not a good flying start to 2008 for Deb’s, she was hoping to leave the bad weather behind 🙁 Let’s hope it’s better for next week – i’ll keep my paws crossed – i promise!!! Still can’t believe she went without me!!!

No-more JB

January 2nd, 2008

Just realised i won’t be able to fly in JB again, as it’s still in for it’s renweal. At least of got many pictures & memories of me & JB 🙂 Cold day today at Earls colne, lots of flying going on, Deb’s didnt go in today, but i’m still hoping to fly 1 lesson with her tomorrow (if it doesn’t get snowed off) i have to spend 1 last day with Deb’s…shame i’m not there for her solo, but i guess it wouldn’t be a solo if i’m there to help her out…late night for Deb’s tonight cos she has to work at Earls colne after Baxter’s, good job i’m there to keep her company 🙂
Deb’s remembered to send of some pictures of the Dakota formation we did in October…John(pilot) was pleased to get them & sent some back, wonder if there were any of me there 🙂

New Years day

January 1st, 2008

Happy New Year everyone & welcome to the end of my flying year…it’s now 2008 & all that’s left to happen is for Nigel & Deb’s to arrange my party at Anglian Flight & then it’ll be time for someone to win me in he raffle & be my new family 🙂 also the winners get to collect my photo album with all those great memories in…spitfires, mustangs ( yes – you in one too Deb’s) eurofighter, Nigel & the YAK’s & (just for Bradley) the Robin’s & Cessna’s!!! i also collected some exclusive pilot’s badges…i wonder who the new family & my new adventure will be…come on sort out my part Nigel, although i dont want to hurry, seeing Deb’s face…i’ll miss you too 🙂 x

New Years eve

December 31st, 2007

Guess where we were today – yes…Earls colne, i managed o get a flight to stapleford (another new airfield fot the logbook). I went in a PA28 G-SACI & took Deb’s pink headset – ok i didn’t wear it, but it went with the passenger 🙂 it was a good light & we managed to get something to eat & drink!!! ON the way back we had tailwind so it was quicker…my last flight of 2007 🙁 it was nice cos some passengers children & im a children in need bear…it was then time to celebrate the end of 2007. Ben went to a friends New Years party, so just me & Deb’s saw the end of the year through together. Can’t believe i started the year so nervous – what marvellous year though, thankyou to everyone who have been with or bought tickets 🙂

Raffle anyone?

December 30th, 2007

Quiet sunday today – no panto practice & also no flying…cmon guys i just want a few more hours…We spent alot of today sorting out the tickets & Nigel made a spreadsheet with everyone’s name & no. who had bought a ticket. We also had to seperate the ticket strips for the raffle & it aint easy with paws like mine!!! We also put my photo’s into the album today – with my photo’s from Conningsby (in the eurofighter) & of christmas day – nice tree!!! I’ve got almost 3 full albums 🙂 amazing!!! My new family will have great fun looking at my photo’s, i’ll have to explain most of them though aha!! It’ll be fun telling the stories & maybe i can get some more to tell Deb’s 🙂

Back down memory lane

December 29th, 2007

It’s really the end of 1007, so we took a trip down memory lane to Norwich airport to see our Featherbys friends!!! We had a nice flight in G-CECN & Andria had a nice flight as she had all our christmas prezzies there. Ben & Mattie got a tin of chocolate each (but i got my eye on them). Deb’s got lots of stuff for her flight case from Nigel 😉 ….so i guess we’ll make a pilot out of her yet…Nigel & Deb’s went bargain shopping in Norwich so i stayed with Emily & Elliott – they showed me their presents. Dale got a talking Dalek fro Doctor Who, & Scarlett is getting prettier, she looks like her mum 🙂 The weather was getting bad & we didn’t know if would get home & who would turn Elmsett lights on 🙁 It was ok though, Tony put the lights on & Victoria listened in on her walky-talky